About Us


The Mukden POW Remembrance Society (MPOWRS) was founded specifically to:

  • Educate the people of America, China and the countries of our WWII Allies about the existence of the Mukden POW camp in Shenyang, China, where the treatment by the Japanese was typical of all their POW camps.
  • Recognize the honor the courage and sacrifice of the men held POW at Mukden and record their stories so they may be preserved for future generations
  • Preserve materials that tell the stories of the men held at the Mukden POW camp. These materials will be donated to the Mukden Museum for cataloging and display, and copies of the written materials will be shared with other museums.
  • Encourage international friendship, understanding, and world peac through the study of history, by leading trips to the former camp, which is now a museum

Mission Statement

MPOWRS exists to facilitate communication and understanding among all people through education about the courage and sacrifice of Allied prisoners held at the Mukden POW camp in Shenyang, China. By collecting information from those men, preserving it for future research, and sharing the information with others, we hope future generations will turn to peace instead of war. The group will also take former POWs, descendants and other interested people to visit the museum now on the site of the former camp, help gather more information, and help educate younger generations.